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Accommodation partners that celebrate our culture and our people.

Mara & Serengeti have taken great care in choosing accommodation operators that: understand people; understand Africa; offer a wide range of accommodation styles; and offer a price spread that promises an accommodation style that suits a variety of budgets and value for money at every level. Always quality. Always an affordable option. Always an adventure.

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Almost 40 outstanding establishments commited to sustainable tourism

The Serena collection boasts 36 high-end hotels, game lodges and resorts throughout East Africa as well as Central and South Asia.  You can expect luxurious rooms and amenities along with design that reflects the culture and arts of the region you are visiting. 

This award-winning hotel group is committed to sustainable tourism, introducing our guests to the complex and colourful ethnic character of your hosts, in a celebration of these charismatic peoples.

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A stunning collection of eight individually designed lodges

Stunning locations renowned for incredible views, luxurious rooms and warm African hospitality.  Designed to blend into local landscapes and reflect local cultures, each lodge is unique and offers a range of facilities to help you relax, unwind and enjoy great food no matter which Sopa Lodge you are staying in during your trip to Africa.

Magnificent accommodation standards are equally matched by the attention bestowed on every Mara & Serengeti guest by Sopa staff, ensuring that all our guests enjoy unparalleled African hospitality.

Highly trained executive chefs design their menus around classical African, European, and Asian techniques using quality ingredients sourced from the rich farmland areas nearby, to support surrounding agricultural communities.

Standard features you can expect at every Sopa include: a restaurant & bar, an outdoor dining option, a swimming pool, bird watching, nature walks, a gift shop, local entertainment and a laundry service. 

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The pinnacle of luxury accommodation.

A collection of nine luxury award-winning hotels, resorts and safari lodges located throughout East Africa, and more than that number on our Southern African itineraries.  These opulent properties are known for their great design and attention to detail when it comes to guest comfort and dining experiences, ideal for your next Africa vacation.

The very pinnacle of luxury accommodation in the East African region. The ultimate standard in design, comfort, facilities, food and leisure with numerous options available to enhance the level of service our guests receive, impeccable cuisine and dining facilities..

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